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For many years, Le'Ob's Tours was and still is one of the premier New Orleans' Tour companies.  Recently Le'Ob's Tours has expanded into Texas and now operates as one of Houston's best touring companies.  In both locals Le'Ob's is a specialist in Black History and black culture tours.

New Orleans Tour Info:

demoNew Orleans is back, stronger than ever and Le"Ob's Tours & Travel is better than ever.  New Tours, New Meeting Events.  and all with the same experience and professional dedication.

May 17, 2011

Houston Tour Info :

Houston is a vibrant, exciting city with so much to offer the person looking for black history based tours.    There is so much history and before Le'Ob's Tours, there was no tour company to show it to you.

May 17, 2011

Services Provided:

We specialize in Cruises to the Bahamas, Caribbean, Cayman Islands, and Montego Bay.  We also specialize in travel arrangements to Hawaii, Africa, Jamamica, or any destination you may desire.  We can prepare a complete package including your Airline reservation, Hotel arrangements, Tours, Step On Guides and Entertainment.  We also provide Special Event Planning for large or small Church Groups, School Groups, Family reumions, and Conventions.

May 17, 2011


Underground Railroad Tour

Keepting the Stories alive.

demoExperts and uncles, historians and teens share tales of the Underground Railroad from State to State

Updated: October 16, 2011



African American Tour of the Wards

demoTour Freemans's Town, see Jack Yates Home, see the site of the African American library at the Gregory School.

See Houston's oldest housing project and the site of the first African American hospital, the oldest African American Church is Houston and a lot more

Tour African American Cemeteries.

Updated: August 16, 2001


See the Buffalo Soldiers Museum

demoHouston has one of the most unusual national museums, the National Buffalo Soldiers Museum.   Dedicated to the "Buffalo Soldiers" that won the west.

Our tour will include a stop at the negro cemetery where some of the Buffalo Soldiers are buried.


Updated: September 16, 1926

New!!  Le'Ob" Tours ..   New Orleans and Houston


Le’Ob’s Tours, was founded and developed out of a need to inform and educate people of all nations about the rich African-American Black Heritage and culture of Texas, Houston and the counties.


“A Past to Cherish – A Future to Fulfill”.  Those are the words that has ignited the growth into a prosperous community where people of all races can live,

work, study, and worship in harmony.    Le’Ob’s Tours will help you discover the African-American contributions of Houston, Texas, and counties.  It’s cultural, business, religion, people, and all aspects of life which also includes the history, arts,

music, entertainment, education, and historical sites.


Le’Ob’s Tours are markedly different in that they are in detail, however brevity prevails.   A special feature of Le’Ob’s Tours, we highlight the African-American contributions from the 1800’s to the present.  We emphasize, Prominence, Visibility, Diversity and Historical Landmarks.


Le’Ob’s Tours, offer African American Tours, we tour Historical Black Cemeteries, highlighting the Buffalo Soldiers contribution, tour Texas,The Third Ward, Fourth Ward, Fifth Ward, counties, and sites high-lighting African American Contributions from Slavery to the present.


New Innovative, Exciting and certainly Educational.  Yes that is only a mild

description of Le’Ob’s African-American Heritage Tours  most recent Acquisition of culturally rich Texas and Houston History.   Texas has been dubbed“The Jewel Of The South,” and it is “Sparkling” now more than ever.

Please join us as we give you  history of the French, Spanish, Indians, Americans, Germans, Slaves, Free People of Color, the Buffalo Soldiers, and everyone who contributed to the founding, building, and the settling of Houston, and Texas

We will talk about famous people, and not so famous people, places, and events. We will tour Historical African American Sites, Buffalo Soldiers Museum and other Museums significant to African Americans, Art Galleries and Black own Business.   Live historical characters will reenacted  history as warranted.

The tour will take you to some of the uniquely areas of Houston, Texas and counties. Walk through Historical Black Cemeteries see Buffalo Soldiers Burial Grounds and unique monument tombs dated from the 1800’s.   Learn the history of the “Funeral Dirge” the Unique Burial System from Africa.  Visit Afro-Centric Art Galley, and Historical Black Colleges     See magnificent Historical Homes and the unique Architecture of buildings and Tour Historical Black Churches.  By the way we do not Leave out the good food, the fine restaurants and wonderful entertainment.


Le’Ob’s Tours look forward to welcoming you and to take you and your group on

An African-American Historical Heritage Tours.




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